The Sustainable Health Show

The Sustainable Health show will explore the power that collaboration can have on our ability to transform our hospitals and healthcare communities

26 November 2019 | Arena MK, Milton Keynes

Smart health expenditure can be an investment rather than a cost: investment in prevention and early intervention is essential for healthcare sustainability and socioeconomic development and stability

Empowered and responsible citizens are the main players contributing to healthcare sustainability. Integrated care based on patient pathways, and care delivery shifted from hospitals so communities and homes foster greater efficiencies and better health outcomes

Clinical specialties are uniquely placed to address the financial and environmental sustainability of services – from the design of the clinical pathway to the organisation and delivery of care. This event will appeal to all stakeholders responsible for delivering a more sustainable health service. The event will focus on hotspots or barriers that produce change, underpinned by wider engagement with national leaders, patients, and relevant environmental organisations and clinical bodies.

·Energy efficiency in healthcare- and hospital buildings

·Hazardous substances in medical devices

·Transportation in healthcare

·Climate impact from healthcare operations

·Supply chain management and human rights in the supply chain

·Reduction of dangerous chemicals

·Improving the sustainability performance from Med Tech and Life Science

·Waste water treatment and water management

·Single-use items

·Green building design

·Pharmaceuticals in the environment

·Waste management and waste reduction

·Infectious waste treatment

Children's Ministry

Dr. Keith Tsui

Ceo and Founder – Medwyse l.t.d.

Youth Ministry

Denise Hanson

Head of Techincal Services – BICS

Men's Ministry

Liz Ashall Payne

Founding Ceo – ORCHA

Women's Ministry

Colin Elkins

Global Industry Director – IFS

Clive Flashman

Chief Digital Officer – Patient Safety Learning





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